Blonde hair specialist, Angela, shares her top tips

blonde hair specialist

Blonde haircare tips.

SANDY Salon owner and blonde specialist, Angela, shares her top tips for keeping blonde hair healthy and luminous.

Here at Sandy, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our blonde hair specialists deliver spectacular results, every time. From beachy blonde foils to fine babylights, our stylists and colourists specialise in blonde hair transformations and ongoing maintenance. As dedicated blonde colour experts, every client’s need is considered, starting with a thorough consultation, so we can create a bespoke colour especially for you.

blonde hair specialist

Blonde hair maintenance.

Finding an effective haircare routine can feel overwhelming and, chances are, you’ve got a cupboard of products that have failed you. With so many options, how do you choose? Stop wasting your time and money – we’re here to help.  Here at SANDY, our blonde specialists are here to ensure you look great when you leave the salon AND between your visits.

What makes your blonde dull?

Blonde hair has a reputation for getting dull and losing its shine. Clients immediately reach for the purple shampoo but it’s not always the solution. Dull blonde hair is usually caused by a build up of minerals in the hair, which can be the culprit of brassy-yellow or even green tones. The best way to combat this is:

  1. Install a water filter on your shower. Old pipes leech minerals into the water that build up on hair.
  2. Use a deep cleansing shampoo once a week to remove build-up on the hair and scalp.
  3. Book a SANDY Detox Treatment for your next salon visit.

Removing brassy and yellow tones from blonde hair

Do you love being blonde but not the yellow tones and brassiness creeping into your colour? You need a blonde toning shampoo and treatment regimen, stat! These products will help to rid your blonde of unwanted yellow and brassy tones.

These products are bright purple in colour to counteract any unwanted warmth found in lightened hair, as the coolness of violet is the opposite of those yellowy, golden tones. By depositing a light amount of this purple tone into your blonde, these products work to neutralise yellow or brassiness, and in turn brighten and extend the life of your colour.

Nourishing ingredients help to soften and strengthen the hair, restoring and maintaining moisture balance to reduce frizz and give shine.

Here at SANDY we highly recommend Olaplex No.4P Shampoo as your take-home maintenance product to keep your blonde looking fresh and bright.

Not all purple shampoos are created equally.

When choosing and using a purple shampoo, here are some points to consider:

  1. If purple shampoo makes your hair feel rough and tangled, used a toning conditioner instead. This will still deposit the necessary tone but will leave hair feeling smoother and softer.
  2. Purple shampoo can be addictive and is not designed to be used every wash – it should be reserved for only when the hair colour really needs it. Overuse will result in an almost greyish, over-toned look, which makes the hair look darker and duller.
  3. Each purple shampoo or toning conditioner has its own unique tone; different tones will give different results and for this reason we stock different brands. Ask your SANDY stylist to select the one best suited to your hair.
  4. Most purple shampoos are designed to deposit tone, not cleanse the hair, so make sure you wash first with a normal shampoo.
  5. A purple shampoo is designed to create a COOL blonde. If you love warm, honey blondes, consider using a golden toning shampoo or mask.

How do I get my best blonde?

1. Don’t leave your appointments too long; long lapses between colour services will put you back at square one each time. Give your SANDY stylist a chance to build upon your progress each time, meaning you can reach your desired blonde gradually and healthily, without always being in damage control mode.
2. Give your hair love between appointments by doing weekly treatments.. Alternate between using Olaplex for re-bonding the hair’s structure, and a deep moisture mask as a hydrating treatment.
3. Remember heat will fade your toner, so minimise using hot tools like straighteners and tongs.
4. Invest in a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Let your SANDY stylist take the guesswork out of choosing decent products by recommending a regimen suited to your individual needs.


blonde hair specialist

Tips for repairing and restoring damaged blonde hair

Maintaining your gorgeous blonde locks can sometimes come with its challenges. Whether you’re battling breakage, dryness, or dullness, here at SANDY, our blonde specilists can advise you on an actionable plan to help you reclaim your blonde hair vibrancy.  Say goodbye to damage and hello to beautifully restored locks that shine brighter than ever before…

What causes damaged hair? There are lots of causes for your hair feeling dry, frazzled, fragile or difficult to manage:

  • Poor health and nutrition
  • Over-processed colour
  • Frequent colour changes from dark to light
  • Poor quality hair products
  • Lack of effective conditioning or repairing products
  • Harsh weather, air-con, chlorine or salt water
  • Overuse of heat tools (a very common culprit)

Your SANDY stylist can determine the cause of your hair damage and then put a plan in place for your tailored haircare routine. Book a consultation with a blonde specialists »

Tips for repairing the damage

Keep heat to an absolute minimum (think once a week, maximum). Instead of heat styling, embrace your natural texture and use smoothing or curl enhancing products to keep it looking polished. Opt for styles like ponytails, braids and buns.

  1. Use a nourishing shampoo. This means something that specifically hydrates or repairs.
  2. Use a mask as your conditioner. These are heavier and usually more nourishing and repairing than conditioners.
  3. Sleep in your hair treatment once a week and rinse it out the following morning.
  4. Use a split ends sealer (we love Oribe Split End Sealer) and a leave-in product that hydrates or repairs (we swear by Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In Spray). It’s fine to layer products.
  5. Take a daily supplement for hair, skin and nails. Vitasol Flexibility Wholefood Powder provides minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to support healthy hair skin and nails.
  6. Book a SANDY in-salon treatment.

blonde hair specialist

Transition from dark to blonde hair (the healthy way)

Have you been thinking about going blonde? We say go for it! But, tread carefully – there’s a right way to go about this.  You must ensure your hair is properly cared for in the process. Afterall, there’s no point flaunting new blonde hair if it’s damaged and breaking. We suggest you keep the following in mind when transitioning from dark hair to your dark hair to blonde…

  • Patience. Think of this as a journey, not an immediate destination. Realistically, this won’t happen in one sitting, The most beautiful dark-to-light transitions are built over time to create a truly natural look. By taking your time, you can preserve the integrity of your hair – unhealthy strands are not what you want, no matter how lovely the colour, and the aim is to showcase the new shade with a healthy mane. Your SANDY stylist can give you a realistic idea of how long the process may take.
  • Special care. New colour equals new products. Blonde hair is naturally more porous, and the texture and moisture level will change. Any lightening service is going to cause damage to the hair but you can manage this with the right treatments. We love Olaplex; the re-bonding technology is a must for repairing the hair’s structure after chemical stressors.
  • Organisation. Book too soon and you won’t give your hair time to recover; book too late and your stylist will have more regrowth and possibly unwanted banding to tackle. Plan your colour journey with your SANDY stylist and book appointments in advance to ensure the correct spacing between each round.
  • Homework. Be prepared to invest in looking after your hair between visits by choosing appropriately nourishing products and being diligent with a hair care regimen. Your SANDY stylist can prescribe you the correct products.
  • Flexibility. There will be a few different shades along the way as you journey towards your perfect blonde. Embrace and have fun with them!

Babylights give you sun-kissed blonde hair all year round

Babylights are achieved by applying lightener to extremely fine sections of hair, giving the impression you have been spending long days in the summer sun.

Babylights can be applied to any hair type and are very natural, subtle and, most importantly, low maintenance solution. They offer you a refreshed look while making hair appear luscious and healthy with a sun-kissed look. This technique is versatile and can be combined with other hair colouring techniques such as balayage.

Need advice? Speak to our blonde hair specialists.

Does your blonde hair need specialist help? Are you struggling with hair damage or looking to refresh your look? You can trust the team at SANDY to get you started on your journey. Book a consultation and discover how we can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful hair you deserve.

SANDY is a boutique hair salon located at North Curl Curl on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (near Dee Why and Manly).  Our expert hairdressers, blonde specialists, stylists and colourists deliver beautiful results with the goal of assisting our clients to achieve their best hair.

blonde hair specialist