Removing Yellow/Brassy Tones From Your Blonde

blonde hair care tips

Love being blonde but not loving the yellow tones and brassiness creeping into your colour?

You need a blonde toning shampoo and treatment regimen, stat! These products will help to rid your blonde of unwanted yellow and brassy tones.

These products are bright purple in colour to counteract any unwanted warmth found in lightened hair, as the coolness of violet is the opposite of those yellowy, golden tones. By depositing a light amount of this purple tone into your blonde, these products work to neutralise yellow or brassiness, and in turn brighten and extend the life of your colour.

Nourishing ingredients help to soften and strengthen the hair, restoring and maintaining moisture balance to reduce frizz and give shine.

Here at SANDY we highly recommend Olaplex No.4P Shampoo as your take-home maintenance product to keep your blonde looking fresh and bright.