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Hair Extensions

5 reason you will love our SANDY hair extensions

1. Best quality hair
We source only the best highest quality hair going to multiple suppliers for  different hair textures.

2. Our application techniques are better
Depending on your goals we do different techniques to ensure the most natural looking finish, long lasting and healthy for your hair. It’s not a one size fits all approach.

3. Volume or length… or both
Our extensions can be used to add length and volume, You can add volume only maintaining your existing length or we can isolate area that need length or fullness.

4. Smooth and tangle free
Our hair is  where all the hair cuticles face the same direction for tangle-free smooth, strands during it’s lifetime.

5. Natural colour
Over 100 colours are available, all created by master colourists who blend tones by hand, for dimensional colour and brilliant vibrance.

Hair extension cost

Every hair extension treatment is different. We recommend you book a consultation so we can provide you with an exact quote.

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Miracle Weft Hair Extensions

The Miracle Weft hair extension is applied by sewing a row into the hair securely.

They are easy to remove and reapply making them last more than one application.

They are double drawn and, depending on how many rows you use, they can add volume only or both volume and length giving a beautiful full and thick result.

Miracle weft hair extensions are great for clients wanting overall length and volume.

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Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin bond hair extensions are applied using hot fusion technique, it involves small strands of human hair that are bonded with a keratin protein.

Unlike extensions that are sewn or taped in place, these extensions use a keratin bond that is melted with heat to securely attach the extensions to your own hair. The result is a natural-looking extension that resembles your own hair and is placed in strategic rows.

The keratin bonds can last up to 4 months before needing to be removed. They are single application and cannot be reused.

Keratin bond hair extensions are perfect for isolated areas and adding general volume to the hair.