Haircare Essentials At Home

home hair care tips

What hair products do you really need?

We all love getting pampered – so why leave your hair out of the fun? Show those locks some love with these simple and affordable ways to care for your hair.



Leave one in your hair while you are binge-watching a show or relaxing after dinner with a glass of wine. Or even sleep in it! Remember, the longer you leave it in, the deeper it can penetrate your hair and work its magic.


No matter what you do with your hair, it’s important to protect it. Depending on the product, a leave-in treatment can create a shield against stressors such as heat styling, UV damage, environmental pollutants, salt water, chlorine and even mineral build up from water. What’s not to love about a product that continues to work throughout the day?


As much we all love styling our hair, it’s good to give it a break from hot tools. Likewise, it’s easy to throw it into a top knot for days but make sure the tension isn’t too tight as it can pull on your hairline. Let your hair relax and give it a good brush to work out knots and encourage natural oils, which help to protect your hair. We highly recommend using a Tangle Teezer to ensure thorough, ouch-free brushing without damage or breakage, especially if you like to brush your hair when it’s still wet.


Using a toning shampoo or treatment mask is an absolute must for getting rid of yellowy or brassy tones from blonde hair. Start immediately from your most recent colour appointment to ensure you are preserving the freshest tone possible; it’s a lot harder to turn a blonde backwards once it’s gone brassy, so be consistent with your toning product from the get-go.


Ok, it may sound a bit technical and scary but this is actually a hero product that will turn your hair’s life around! Dry, coloured or bleached hair will see a huge difference after adding this step to your hair care. What does it do though? When hair is chemically processed, i.e. coloured or lightened, the pH level is drastically compromised and the bonds in the hair are broken. This wonder product actually works to repair and restore those bonds responsible for keeping hair strong and smooth. Apply it before shampooing, leave for 10 or more minutes, rinse, and then follow with your usual shampoo plus conditioner or mask.