Blonde hair care – A client’s journey from over-highlighted to healthy blonde hair

blonde hair care

Hair care tips from blonde specialist, Angela.

Blonde hair specialist and SANDY owner, Angela, restored Grace’s over-highlighted, dry hair back to healthy blonde hair. Read how she did it…

Grace was a long-time SANDY client, but when she moved briefly out of the area, started visiting another salon.  During her hiatus, Grace’s hair had undergone quite a lot of damage.  It had been over-highlighted and was not growing past a certain length due to persistant breakage.

Grace’s hair needed immediate attention, starting with a comprehensive blonde hair care plan.

blonde hair care

Blonde hair care plan

Hair Repair Consultation: First, I had a consultation with Grace to identify in-salon treatments and an at-home regime that would restore her hair to good health. Utilising Grace’s natural hair colour would assist in achieving her goals.

In-Salon Treatments: Next, I devised a tailored blonde hair care plan for Grace. This began with a metal detox treatment to eliminate any impurities from her hair. These treatments were continued during each salon visit to gradually improve her hair’s condition.

At-Home Protocol: After discussing Grace’s home hair care routine, I suggested some changes. I switched her over to a more effective range of products and sent her home with usage instructions to follow between salon appointments. This ensures her hair received the necessary care and attention outside of salon visits.

Strategic Colour Placement: To minimise further damage, strategically placed colour was used to reduce the saturation of lightener required on Grace’s hair.  This resulted in gorgeous blonde tone with a more natural colour.  I opted for fine weaves, also called “Baby Lights”, to assist in a seamless grow out.

In-Salon Hair Care: One of the products we used on Grace’s hair in-salon was Loreal Professionals Blonde Studio. For ultimate protection, this has a built-in bonder that protects hair from further damage.

Low-Maintenance Colour: To reduce Grace’s salon visits, we started working towards a colour that would only require maintenance every three months – a much more convenient and sustainable solution.

Reduced Heat Styling: To promote hair health and minimise additional stress, we advised Grace to reduce heat styling between appointments. This would help her hair to recover and strengthen naturally.

I’ve been so pleased with the dramatic improvements in Grace’s hair we’ve achieved so quickly.  Thanks to Grace’s commitment to look after her hair and carefully following my at-home hair care instructoins, coupled with our meticulous work in the salon, Grace’s her is to be admired.

Does your blonde hair need specialist help?

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