Repairing Damaged Hair

damaged hair repair tips

What causes damaged hair?

There are lots of causes for your hair feeling dry, frazzled, fragile or difficult to manage:

  • Poor health and nutrition
  • Over-processed colour
  • Frequent colour changes from dark to light
  • Poor quality hair products
  • Lack of effective conditioning or repairing products
  • Harsh weather, air-con, chlorine or salt water
  • Overuse of heat tools (a very common culprit)

Your SANDY stylist can determine the cause of your hair damage and then put a plan in place for your tailored haircare routine.

Tips for repairing the damage

Keep heat to an absolute minimum (think once a week, maximum). Instead of heat styling, embrace your natural texture and use smoothing or curl enhancing products to keep it looking polished. Opt for styles like ponytails, braids and buns.

  1. Use a nourishing shampoo. This means something that specifically hydrates or repairs.
  2. Use a mask as your conditioner. These are heavier and usually more nourishing and repairing than conditioners.
  3. Sleep in your hair treatment once a week and rinse it out the following morning.
  4. Use a split ends sealer (we love Oribe Split End Sealer) and a leave-in product that hydrates or repairs (we swear by Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In Spray). It’s fine to layer products.
  5. Take a daily supplement for hair, skin and nails. Vitasol Flexibility Wholefood Powder provides minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to support healthy hair skin and nails.
  6. Book a SANDY in-salon treatment.