How To Update Your Hair Colour For Autumn

autumn hair style

Trans-seasonal hues

We love any excuse to change our hair but the changing of seasons is definitely a worthy reason to change up your hair colour and experiment with Autumn-appropriate shades.

Just like your wardrobe, your hair changes with the new seasons too. Chilly days and darker nights call for more depth and warmth in your hair colour – just think of how much fun it will be to match that new shade with your new cool-weather outfits.

It doesn’t have to be a simple case of going darker all over – blondes can opt for sophisticated lowlights and brunettes can move towards warmer tones.

Darker root shadows

As the weather cools, our colourists can take the shade of your zone tones (root shadow) a little deeper.

This creates a more dramatic contrast with the lighter ends of the hair, to make them appear brighter so they pop. This is a great autumn hair colour solution for clients who don’t want to say goodbye to their blonde hair but also want to play with moodier hues for the cooler seasons.