How to maintain my blonde hair

brassy hair tips

This mission to find the perfect hair care routine can seem overwhelming. With so many options how do you choose? You already have a cupboard of products that have failed you.

The good news is we are here to help you! Its our mission at SANDY to make you feel and look great when you leave the salon and in between your visits.

Lets break it down……

What makes your blonde dull?
Blonde hair has a reputation for getting dull and loosing it shine. Clients immediately grab the purple shampoo. That is not always the solution. Dull blonde hair is usually caused by a build up of minerals in the hair. It can give that brassy yellow even green tone. The best way to combat this is
1. Install a water filter on your shower – Old pipes leech mineral into to the water that build up in our hair
2. Introduce a Deep Cleansing Shampoo every now and then to remove build up on the hair
3. Book a SANDY Detox Treatment in salon.

Not all purple shampoos are created equally.
Before reaching for the purple shampoo here are some points to consider
1. If purple Shampoo makes your hair feel rough and tangled used a Toning Conditioner instead, this will leave the hair feeling smoother and softer.
2. Purple Shampoo can be addictive and is not designed to be used every wash but when the hair needs it. Using it when you don’t need it will result in a purple over toned look this in turn makes the hair look darker and duller.
3. Each purple shampoo or Toning Conditioner has its own unique tone, different tones will give different results and for this reason we stock different ones, work with your SANDY Stylist to select which is best for you.
4. Majority of Purple Shampoos are designed to deposit Tone not Cleanse the hair so make sure you shampoo first with a cleansing shampoo.
5. A purple Shampoo is designed to create a COOL blonde, IF you love warm blondes conducer using a warm toning shampoo or conditioner! Yes that’s right they come in all different tones warm and cool.

How do I get my best blonde?

1. Don’t leave your appointments too long, going long durations in-between Colours will mean its like starting over each time. Give your SANDY Stylists a chance to build you a beautiful colour not always be in damage control.
2. Give your hair love in-between appointments by doing weekly treatments alternate between olaplaex and a hydrating treatment.
3. Remember heat will fade your toner so minimises the hair straightener on high heats.
4. Invest in a salon quality Shampoo & Conditioner. Instead of trying to guess on the internet let your SANDY Stylists help find the one best suited to your individual needs.

Just remember you are unique and so is your hair! Its not a ones size fits all approach but working out your individual needs and tailoring a plan to suit you.

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