So for some time you’ve been thinking about going blonde. The phrase “BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN’ won’t escape your mind!
You’ve created an epic Pinterest board on blondes you love and you have 100 screenshots in your phone of your Blondespiration.

Our advice……. DO IT! But do it the right way and take care of your hair. There is no point being blonde if its broken and damaged.

Here are our tips to create your dream blonde

1. Think of going blonde as a journey. Be realistic, this won’t happen in one sitting, The most beautiful colours are built over time to create a truly natural look. By taking your time you can preserve the integrity of your hair keeping it healthy. Your SANDY Stylists can set with you some realistic expectations.
2. Olaplex will be your best friend and closest ally.
3. Create your Hair Journey with your SANDY Stylists and book appointments in advance.
4. Be prepared to invest look after your hair in-between visits with your own tailored hair care routine put together with your SANDY Stylists.
5. Embrace and have fun with the different shades of blonde you have until you get to your dream colour.

Book your hair appointment with a SANDY Stylists today to create your dream blonde