Going Blonde (and Keeping it Healthy)

switching to blonde hair

Thinking of switching to blonde hair?

So for some time you’ve been thinking about going blonde. The phrase “blondes have more fun” won’t escape your mind and you’ve created an epic Pinterest board on blondes you love. Maybe there are hundreds of Blondspiration screenshots in your phone too…

We say GO FOR IT! But tread carefully – there’s a right way to go about this. We must ensure your hair is properly cared for in the process. There’s no point flaunting new blonde hair if it’s damaged and breaking.

Blonde hair transformation tips

Top points to keep in mind when going for your dream blonde:

  • Patience. Think of this as a journey, not an immediate destination. Realistically, this won’t happen in one sitting, The most beautiful dark-to-light transitions are built over time to create a truly natural look. By taking your time, you can preserve the integrity of your hair – unhealthy strands are not what you want, no matter how lovely the colour, and the aim is to showcase the new shade with a healthy mane. Your SANDY stylist can give you a realistic idea of how long the process may take.
  • Special care. New colour equals new products. Blonde hair is naturally more porous, and the texture and moisture level will change. Any lightening service is going to cause damage to the hair but you can manage this with the right treatments. We love Olaplex; the re-bonding technology is a must for repairing the hair’s structure after chemical stressors.
  • Organisation. Book too soon and you won’t give your hair time to recover; book too late and your stylist will have more regrowth and possibly unwanted banding to tackle. Plan your colour journey with your SANDY stylist and book appointments in advance to ensure the correct spacing between each round.
  • Homework. Be prepared to invest in looking after your hair between visits by choosing appropriately nourishing products and being diligent with a hair care regimen. Your SANDY stylist can prescribe you the correct products.
  • Flexibility. There will be a few different shades along the way as you journey towards your perfect blonde. Embrace and have fun with them!